About Us


Who we are:
We are private citizens of the South Fork of Long Island who believe that becoming the
first communities in New York State to be powered by offshore wind is a once-in-a lifetime
opportunity that should be realized. We are Independent. We are not affiliated with
any wind or energy development company and have no financial ties with any interest group or individual who has a monetary stake in such an enterprise. We are non-partisan and do not promote or oppose the candidacy of any individuals for public office at any level.

What we do:
Our sole purpose is to produce fact-based information regarding the benefits of renewable
offshore wind energy.

Why we do it:
We are motivated by a sincere desire to see our communities in the forefront of Clean Energy leadership, thereby doing our part to responsibly address the Global Climate Crisis which threatens our environment, our fisheries, the world’s oceans, our health, our safety from violent weather events, our food supply and ultimately, we believe, human life on earth.

Judith Hope, Cate Rogers, Michael Hansen Jessica James, Jerry Mulligan and David Posnett