This is not Normal!

Lion Head marina parking lot after a few hours of overnight rainfall. October 2019.
Underwater path to the beach, along one of two fresh water ponds, in Lionhead (courtesy of Alex Miller)

A number of East Hampton residents have noticed increased flooding! It’s apparently due to a rise in the ground water level.

Please send us your pictures and we will post them here!

You should be interested because…as reported on June 26, 2018:

Chronic flooding threatens to sink the value of Hamptons homes
Hamptons homes are very likely to lose value given that they’ll face chronic flooding as climate changes and sea levels rise over the coming years, according to Bloomberg. Behind only Central California, the area has the second highest level of its property tax revenue at risk among U.S. municipalities with a high likelihood of chronic flooding in the next 12 years, the outlet reported. Climate change is expected to bring constant floods that would tank property values, erode infrastructure and sink tax revenue, all of which will make it harder to fund projects to battle the rising seas.

If you are thinking of buying a house in the Hamptons, take a look at this risk chart! Within 60 years you might be 100% sure to suffer severe flooding!

This is a really cool site where you can check the risks of your own home being flooded or under water for the rest of the century. For example I checked my neighborhood (Lionhead and Hog’s creek). By the time there is a 10 foot increase in sea levels my house will be water front property and most likely have a flooded basement. The marina (depicted above) will be under water much sooner. It is located by the inlet to Hog’s creek. There are 2 fresh water ponds (see below in green). They will fuse with the salt water ocean after a 4-5 foot rise in sea levels.

current water levels
1 foot, marina flooding
2 feet, marina flooding
3 feet
4 feet
5 feet, properties around the ponds will be flooded
6 feet, parts of Runnymeade Drive underwater
7 feet
8 feet, neighbor’s house under water
9 feet
10 feet, our basement probably flooded

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